Susagna - live in Barcelona Spain I’m 24

Susagna - live in Barcelona Spain I’m 24

Hi! I’ve never done this before so I’ll try to do my best to describe myself :)
A little about me:
Name:  Susagna
Age:  24
Gender:  Female
Language(s):  Spanish, Catalan, English,
Location:  Spain.

Some interesting facts:

My name is very unusual in my country and it has marked my life in many ways.
I’m currently studying Industrial Engineering and English Philology (‘cos yeah, I’m THAT crazy).
I’ve got a huge San Bernardo called Berni and I completely adore him.
I’ve been studying enlish since I was 5 and lately someone told me I had a beautiful accent which had some traits of russian (I’ve never been to russia, wtf?!).
When I read The book thief, I fell madly in love with Rudy and (spoiler alert!!) cried very much at the end.
What do I like?

I LOVE learning about almost every subject, so being able to talk about ANYTHING is terribly attractive.
I enjoy hearing stories about other people’s experiences because it helps me to get to know their country and culture.
I am an avid reader. Some of my favourite books include A Catcher in the Rye, Al Faro, Ulysses, Frankestein, Dracula, The count of Montecristo, Pride and Prejudice, etc.
I love everything that hightens creativity (sculpture, playing a musical instrument).
I play the piano a little.
I could not live without cinema (from black and white classics to contemporary movies).

I enjoy drawing, painting, writting and photography.
What am I looking for?
Age Group:  20-30

If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail here:

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