A 19 year old Moroccan discovered a flaw on WhatsApp

jeudi 30 juillet 2015

A 19 year old Moroccan has recently discovered a flaw in the WhatsApp messaging application that allows to extract all trade on this application and all the contacts of a directory.

If you have an iPhone which is installed the app Whatsapp, keep it close to you. Because a young enthusiast computer security found there about a month, a flaw in the email application.

So it was a series of intrusion tests, Ahmed Lekssays found that with an iPhone and a PC with the Linux operating system, it can, in seconds, squeeze all exchanges performed at the famous application of messaging and all the contacts of a directory, and even with a locked iPhone. This feat can be accomplished by a single user computer, according to Ahmed. This vulnerability was reported in the teams Whatsapp but has not yet been resolved by the engineers of the subsidiary Facebook.

Ahmed, who has just completed his first year computer engineering at Al Akhawayn University in the branch of Computer science, is not at its first discovery hole. Previously, he had discovered a flaw in particular IOS Twitter application that enables anyone with a similar method to connect to accounts registered on this application. Notified to the technical teams of the application, this breach was plugged.